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Welcome to Marshall Creek Ranch - Trail Riding
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Trail Riding... Trail Riding.. and more.
Trail Riding... Trail Riding.. and more.
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Welcome to Marshall Creek Ranch


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Weight limit. We are the only facility that can handle “super-sized” riders.  We have half-drafts and full drafts that can easily handle up to 300 lbs.  If someone in your group is 220 pounds or more, be prepared with height and weight info. Height and weight proportions are taken into consideration during booking.  For example, you cannot be 300 pounds and only 5 foot 2 as you will not fit our saddles.  Anyone 260 lbs and above needs to be at least 5 foot 10 and above.  We have stairs to help you mount your new friend, but you will still have to swing into the saddle.  Feel free to call us with any questions regarding weight or riding levels.





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