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Trail Riding... Trail Riding.. and more.
Trail Riding... Trail Riding.. and more.
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Welcome to Marshall Creek Ranch


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A Ride Along is a child between the ages of three and six who is DYING to ride a horse. Have one of those, do you? So do a lot of Texans, so don’t worry….we’ve got you covered. Your Ride Along will go everywhere down the trail that YOU go. They ride on a double saddle with one of our female Wranglers right behind them. Yes, behind your child, not the child behind the rider. They help them steer, stop, and keep their horse moving. No, your child can not ride with you, as we need them with an Advanced rider. If you are Advanced, and have been checked out by MCR, then we have no problem with you toting your tot. Of course we’re seasoned professionals, so we make the child believe they are doing it all on their own!


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